July 5, 2015

Training Programs / Instructors

IMG_0109Finding a Pilates Training Program and How to Find a Pilates Instructor

Included in this section of the resource finder you will find information from several Teacher Training programs across the country, nationally and internationally. This listing while comprehensive does not include all programs that are available. I have given you the reader information from several key schools as well as a short discussion about the Pilates Method Alliance® (PMA) the not-for-profit, Professional Association and Certifying Agency.

This portion of the resource finder is to help the reader familiarize themselves with information about various teacher training programs as well as how to find a qualified instructor through their training programs.

Some schools of training are more classical, some contemporary, some more rehabilitative and most combine all three ingredients, classical, contemporary and rehabilitative.

All of the schools listed in this resource offer comprehensive training programs, mat and full equipment programs. However, it is important to note that a Pilates instructor can be a graduate of a mat exercise program only teaching mat based movements with or with out small props. This is generally a shorter training and could be completed prior to beginning a comprehensive full equipment based program.


Name of Institution: Balanced Body
Key contact: Nora St. John
Contact Information:
8220 Ferguson Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95828
Phone: Education 877-PILATES (745-2837)
Sales 800-PILATES (745-2837)
Fax: 916-388-0609
Email: info@pilates.com
Website: www.pilates.com
How to find an instructor:

Name of Institution: BASI Pilates®
Key Contact: Jeanne King
Contact Information:
485 E. 17th Street, Suite 650, Costa Mesa, CA  92627
Phone: 949-574-1343 Toll Free: 866-992-2742
Fax: 949-642-8139
Email: info@basipilates.com
Website: www.basipilates.com
How to find and Instructor:
A full list of BASI instructors can be found at www.basipilates.com 

Name of Institution: Kathy Corey Pilates
Key contact: Kathy Corey
Contact Information:
Del Mar CA
Fax – 858 7550030
Email:  kathy@kathycoreypilates.com
Website: www.kathycoreypilates.com
Instructors can be found at www.kathycoreypilates.com

Name of Institution: Kinected
Key Contact: Casey Loomis, Education Manager
Contact Information:
151 W. 19th St. 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10011
How to find an instructor:
To work with a Kane School certified instructor at Kinected,please use the Webscheduler on our website: kinectedcenter.com. To find a Kane School certified instructor outside of New York City, please refer to the “Resources” tab on the website.

Name of Institution: Equinox – The Pilates Institute
Key contact: Carrie Macy
Contact Information:
10960 Wilshire Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA  90024
Phone: 310-954-8950
Fax: 310-954-8951
Email: carrie.macy@equinox.com
Website: www.equinox.com/pilates 
How to find an instructor:
Go to: www.equinox.com/pilates 

Name if Institution: McEntire Pilates
Key Contact: Trent McEntire
Contact Information:
438 S. Main Street, Suite 207
Rochester, MI 48307
Phone:  248-651-5567
Fax:  248-652-0700
Email:  Trent@McEntirePilates.com
Website:  www.McEntirePilates.com
How to find an instructor
Visit www.McEntirePilates.com to find an instructor.

 Name of Institution: Peak Pilates-Mad Dogg Athletics
Key contact:  Kevin A. Bowen
Contact Information:
5555 Central Ave
Boulder, CO 80301
Phone 800 925 3674
Fax 303 998 1531
Email info@PeakPilates.com
Website www.PeakPilates.com
How to find an instructor: 
Visit our web site at:  www.peakpilates.com

Name of Institution: Pilates System Europe©
Key Contact: Anna Schrefl
Contact Information:
Severingasse 1/6 (Crossing Spitalgasse)
A-1090 Vienna
Tel: +43-1-890 03 62
Fax: +43-1-890 03 62-15
How to find an instructor: www.pilatessystem.eu 

Name of Institution: Polestar Pilates Education
Key Contact: Brent Anderson
Contact Information:
1500 Monza Avenue, Suite 350
Coral Gables, Florida 33146
Phone: 305-740-6001
Fax: 305-740-6998
How to find an instructor:
The Polestar Education website offers a section on how to find and instructor based upon the diploma earned. www.polestarpilates.com

Name of Institution: Power Pilates
Key contacts: Howard Sichel, Susan Moran, Bob Liekens
Contact Information:
49 West 23rd Street, 10th floor, New York, NY 10010
212-627-5852 (phone)
212-627-5624 (fax)
How to find an instructor
The Power Pilates Instructor Directory is an interactive world map that includes the location, contact information, level of training, and number of years teaching with Power Pilates teaching technique. Visit www.powerpilates.com then click About Us then Instructor Directory to find an instructor near you.

Name of Institution: The Pilates Center
Key Contact: Kelli Burkhalter
Contact Information:
5500 Flatiron Parkway Suite 110
Boulder, Colorado 80301
303 494 3400 phone
303 499 2746 fax
How to find and Instructor:
Contact Kelli Burkhalter at The Pilates Center by phone 303 494 3400 or email kelli@thepilatescenter.com or go to www.thepilatescenter.com and click on “Become a Pilates Teacher” or “Professional Continuing Education” to find an instructor in your area and a calendar of our workshops.