January 11, 2016

Course Testimonials

See what people have to say about Beth’s course and workshops below:

Beth Kaplanek’s workshop on Hip and Knee Arthroplasties and Syndromes is a very useful tool for practitioners of all different professional fields involved with movement. She has a very practical approach, profound knowledge and experience. She has an intelligent way to make it available to everyone, no matter how much one does or does not understand about the pathology and science.  Specific guidelines apply to the implementation of the Pilates exercises on all the Pilates apparatus.  These available options provide for a very safe and versatile rehabilitation to post rehabilitation and a return to fitness for individuals with Hip and Knee conditions

We have an aging population that wants to maintain full function and they are finding Pilates is a great way to stay fit and improve joint concerns and issues.

We know for sure this course is a must and it’s material will help you serve the large majority of your clients at a much higher, efficient and safe manner. I strongly recommend !!!!!

~ Alice Becker, Polestar Brazil/ PhysioPilates

Thank you for a wonderful workshop experience. Your knowledge and energy are mind-blowing!

~ Enja Schenck, Senior Pilates Teacher and Teacher of Teachers at PowerPilates

Beth Kaplanek, having first hand experience in this subject, presents the course material clearly and concisely. I’ve valued the exercise variations and modifications and have used them time and time again with many different clients. Besides being an expert on this subject, Beth has an infectious enthusiasm that makes learning the material very enjoyable.

~ Gretchen Wagoner, BFA, PMA®-CPT, Educator at Polestar Pilates

I’ve truly enjoyed taking both classes and courses in Pilates with Beth Kaplanek. Her hands on method and style of teaching is very effective and allows complete understanding of both the material and exercises.

~ Genie Matherne, Pilates and Aquatic Specialist