January 11, 2016


Each workshop offered is 3-4 hours. Contact us if you are interested in offering a workshop in your studio or center.

Osteoarthritis (OA) of the Hip & Pilates Workshop
An Excursion into Improving, Flexibility and Range of Motion

This workshop will take you through a journey of anatomy, pathology, and movement guidelines to create safe and effective programs for your clients with Osteoarthritis of the hip. The workshop is broken into 5 chapters with resources and includes a PDF handout for download of Pre-Pilates and Pilates mat movements. Click the Content tab and start with chapter 1; there is a short 2 question quiz after each chapter.


  • To review the science of evidence-based practices for assessment and treatment of hip osteoarthritis
  • To apply best practices for assessment and movement into the routine of a client with hip osteoarthritis
  • To learn how to implement guidelines for movement into the Pilates routine of a client with hip osteoarthritis to create a successful movement experience
  • To lessen the fear associated with working with a client with a hip osteoarthritis

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